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Built by Geeks,

for Geeks.

The no.1 rule of Geek Shield is to promote (supposedly) childish pass times whilst providing (supposedly) grown up services. 

Don't be surprised if we ask you about your latest hobby project, if crossplay on Warzone is awesome or how many hours you've sunk into Gloomhaven. 

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Rewards for all!

We're big on rewards which is why our members receive £100 in vouchers for their favourite hobby or game store! 

We also hold regular community prize draws so who knows what loot box you might win!

Honest, expert


We ONLY provide an advice based service which we are qualified and regulated to do so.


Also, We are able to compare all providers, meaning the recommendation you will receive from us will be tailored to specifically your needs.... just think of it as one big insurance Battle Royale!