Built by Geeks,

for Geeks.

Geekshield was created by geeks, for geeks. We wanted to make an everyday ‘boring’ task more fun and meaningful to you by giving you rewards towards something you love. Life insurance is a pretty big necessity, which can often be overlooked because life gets in the way, but if it means you get vouchers towards your latest miniature/game/headset then it becomes a hell of a lot more interesting, right?


Our founder Pete has been a gamer pretty much his whole life. From tabletop war gaming, battle royale computer gaming to your average co-op board game, he enjoys them all, so don't be alarmed if you spend some time speaking about your favourite game. 


Pete is also the founder of 30k Frontier Events. He’s built a strong UK community for wargaming through narrative based events. He has seen how there is such a vast amount of different personalities within the gaming community and wanted to give something back, which is how Geekshield was born.


Rewards for all!

We provide a tailored rewards service for you. You get to choose which of your favourite online gaming stores you receive vouchers for, whether that be for board games, war games, or computer games.


You will receive your initial £25 voucher after 6 months. And a further £25 each year for 3 years, totalling to a WHOPPING £100. All you simply need to do is have an active policy with us of a £25 monthly premium or more. 


We also hold community prize draws. With each milestone hit of our rewards target, you'll have the chance to win more vouchers. As a client with an active policy of £25 or more you are automatically entered into these draws. 


Honest, expert


We are an advice based service, which means, you’ll receive a bespoke solution to your own individual needs. We work with all major insurers to provide you with the most competitive and comprehensive policies. 


But it doesn’t stop there, our advisers are trained in estate planning so that if the worst happens and you need to make a claim things will be arranged in the most favourable way for your loved ones. We also provide a Will writing service to ensure what we are arranging for you all ties in together.